Hi everyone, this is the first blog post on this blog and it’s titled The Land of Art and Money from the reason. We are living in the time when there are always two meanings for the Art, in the essence of beauty and creation, or in the sense of money – the materialistic possession.

I don’t know, or at least I am not sure if the Art should be judged equally on the financial part or if it’s fine as it is, after all, it’s up to everyone to make own decision about this matter.

We all live in the age when the money is very important to us, but many people deny this, usually those who have a little or┬ánone. Or the Artists who already went through the process and understand that not many Artists can get rich or financially free, it’s a really just a fraction of them.

But the saddest thing is that the fraction of Artists are getting paid very well not because they would create such an Amazing piece of Art, but because of connections, saving on tax since the Art is non-taxable, and more. Meaning that the price of the Art is not clearly indicated by the amazingness, quality, or beauty of the Art, but rather by the Name of the Artist.

Therefore I think it’s because of EGO that is surrounding the whole thing.